Lucem Lichtbeton Light transmitting Concrete Panels

Lucem is a translucent concrete panel consisting of natural stone and embedded optical fibers in a cement based matrix. The optical fibers allow natural light to be transmitted through the material, allowing for an eye-catching, amazing, elegant aesthetic. The aesthetic can be further enhanced by use of LED lighting to add a variety of color patterns. If desired, the light transmitting fibers can also be arranged in logos, icons, or unique patterns that guarantee an individual and distinctive appearance.

Lucem is a high quality, non flammable, UV stable, scratch and impact resistant, durable product that can be used for both interior and exterior applications. Whether used as an exterior façade panel, an interior feature wall, free standing panels, furniture cladding, and in many more applications, the use of Lucem panels is sure to result in an elegant, distinguished, high quality design.

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